Thursday, 12 February 2009


January was pretty damn hectic in our household and February doesn't seem so be slowing down much either. I'm about halfway through my second novel but finding time to write anything at the moment is a bit of a struggle. With help from DJ I'm putting aside an hour every (nearly every) night to get some words on paper. The only problem is that there is so much going on inside my little brain I can't seem to concentrate for long. I also keep having a recurring dream about a seagull in my bedroom!

So, to help me remember things that I think of during the day that may help my writing in the evening I have taken to writing myself notes. I did this today. It was relevant, funny and a pivotal part of the story. Well it would have been if I hadn't fucking lost it!

There was something about Doris and the roses but I don't remember! And why can't I stop thinking there has something to do with a huge pecky seagull? Arrrgh!

If you find it please send it on to me, there may be a reward!


Troy said...

Doris sounds a real sex symbol! (Not!)

Carol and Chris said...

I demand that you write....write like the wind!!! I loved Motorbikes, ducks and crispy sweet apples and can't wait to read the next get writing!!!

C x

Ps. I'm sure it will turn up when you are least expecting it

nitebyrd said...

Chopper, I hope you find it. Seagulls will eat anything so keep yourself covered! LOL

Chopper said...

T; Doris is eighty with a short temper and a big gun!

C+C; Thanks for that but tend to write with the wind and not like the wind!

N; I saw one run over in the road today, if that was him he isn't going to be eating anything!

Kahless said...

I love the noise seagulls make... not conducive to sleep though.

Carol and Chris said...

What!! You can only write when you've got wind?? *grins*

C x