Sunday, 14 December 2008


Tom Foolery wanted me to list five of my obsesions and a bunch of other things. Well I did the easy part and the rest? Hey, she didn't even expect me to get that far!

  1. I'm obsessed by breaking rules which is why I didn't follow any for this meme (whatever the hell that means!).
  2. Crack cocaine, I try to stop. God help me I try!
  3. Poking lentils, I'm obsessed with keeping my finger on the pulse.
  4. Calvin Klein, his fragrance is an obsession of mine

  5. My collection of hammers, two more and I think I've nailed it!

Now I'm obsessing about the gap between number 4 and 5 which I can't make go away! Six obsessions! When I break the rules I break the rules!!


DJ Kirkby said...

Oh see? Christmas season is good, it means you can use the cracker jokes! Admit it, you are enjoying the fact that it is Christmas month at Chez Aspie.


HA! HA! A fellow rule breaker and teller of crap jokes :) I bet it's never a dull day in Chez Aspie Towers TFx

Lady in red said...

gawd you're nearly as bad as me except that I only inflict my jokes on my family.

Kahless said...


Chopper said...

I share my darkest and most intimate secrets with you people and all you can do is scoff. You should all be ashamed!!