Sunday, 9 November 2008

Book launch

We are having a book launch!

There will be:

  • Books
  • Drink.
  • Books
  • Music.
  • Books.
  • A short talk from a very nice lady.
  • Books.
  • A bit of reading from another very nice lady.
  • Books.

OK, you get the picture and you can get the full (proper) details from DJ's blog post or there are details on my sidebar that I put up prematurely, earlier this week.

There are two reasons behind this book launch, one is obviously to sell some books the other is an opportunity to raise some money for charity. (All the profits from the evening will go to charity.) We have a target which we would love to achieve.

Now, those of you who actually know me will know that I'm a miserable fucker. No sorry that was kind of a harsh word to use! Try again; those of you who know me will know I'm an unsociable fucker and these sort of events to me are akin to cutting out my liver with a blunt spoon. But, but (deep breath) for this occasion, to support DJ and the very worthwhile charities I am going to get fully behind it. Shit, where did I put my asthma inhaler?!

So, to show my commitment to putting bums on seats this is what I intend to do. Isn't it hard typing with sweaty palms? We are taking payment in advance for the tickets if or when we reach the allotted target for the charity donation I will get up and read the prologue to my book. If we don't there will be an awkward 10 minute silence!

Due to limited computer knowledge I've managed to put up a dodgy target monitor thingy in the sidebar to show our progress.

So............... in Big Brother speak "Who reads? You decide!"


DJ Kirkby said...

Wow!!!! I am absolutly amazed to read this post. I had no idea you were planning to read...and anyone who knows you will be just as stunned as I over this revalation. Just goes to show how much raising money for chairty really means to you. Love you honey xo

Casdok said...

Good for you!!
Books wine music and good company! What more could anyone want!!

nitebyrd said...

Shit! I so wish I could come. I do promise to buy both of your's books but have to do it long distance.

Good luck with the charity and your reading! (I have faith you'll sell enough tickets. ;)

Joe Stein said...

Chopper, how could you do this to me? I thought we were the last two of the ‘I won’t be reading my stuff out loud, in public, at any cost, for anybody, for anything, NO WAY’ brigade and you go and do this. I’m both impressed and disappointed, something that hasn’t happened since Trevor Eve walked away from Shoestring...
Trying to sort out how to be there, if it’s at all possible. Good luck and keep gargling the carpet tacks.

Trixie said...

I'm gonnsa help reach that target just to see you sweat!

Kahless said...

Too far for me to come; but I have asked someone to record you reading for me!

ps I am a miserable anti-social fucker too.

Chopper said...

DJ; Are you sure you didn't write this post?

C; Beer?

N; Thanks i think?!

JS; I think I have a Trevor Eve tie somewhere. Between you and me I said I'd read the prologue though I didn't say anything about reading It aloud!

T; I don't sweat I perspire!

K; Guests will be frisked for recording equipment, knives and guns on entry!

Lady in red said...

I had better buy our tickets then

Is there a minimum age? I was thinking of ringing around all the old football crowd and inviting them

ok maybe not

If I can read out aloud without going red then I am sure you can too.