Sunday, 12 October 2008

An Explanation?

Okay. The last post was a bit vague so I'll try to explain a bit better here.

I wrote a novel then put it away. I re-wrote it and put it away again. I tried to post excerpts on a blog. Stopped. Re-wrote it again.

Now the book is to be published. Hopefully it will be on sale by Christmas.

Originally I wasn't interested in the cover, the publisher could get on and do all that. Then I changed my mind. I'd come across a couple of pictures I liked and I bought them. I liked the pictures but they didn't fill the criteria the publisher requested and then I realized that they were not fit for purpose. That is until a very nice man called Anthony sorted them out for me. Thanks Anthony!

The front cover isn't finished yet but the back one is....but blogger wont let me download it!!?

Anyway, I hope that makes the last post a little clearer.


Lady in red said...

congratulations on finishing it and getting it published I for one cant wait to read it I did enjoy the excerpts

nitebyrd said...

OMG! Books from both you and DJ!?! I'm so excited! This is totally incredible. *doing a happy dance*

Trixie said...

Woohoo! Let me know as soon as it is available... I'll be buying it!

Kahless said...

Congratulations and well deserved. Do I meet you at a signing?

Joe Stein said...

Ok, I was lucky, I only logged in after both the last two posts were up, so didn’t get so confused. Congratulations! Book done and soon to be out! Waiting to hear where the copies are!
And yeah, it’s never a good idea to leave the covers to the publisher (are you there, mate?) although in my case it might have saved a lot of hassle, frustration with packs of cards, near misses with police and severe vertigo...

DJ Kirkby said...

Hi honey,
Lol to Joe's comment! Make sure you've got a back up plan, huh?

Chopski said...

Lady; Thanks for that.

N; Dancing, we like dancing!

T; Will do.

K; I don't do signing, I have chip and pin!

J: We seem to have come to a full stop. May need to compromise or have a back up plan.

DJ; Ah look, are you Jimminy Cricket in disguise?