Friday, 8 August 2008

I am ill, really I am!! (Or am I?)

Today I had;

  1. 2 puffs on my inhaler just in case I get an asthma attack.
  2. My painkiller. (It really doesn't work too well!)
  3. My tablet that stops me throwing up after I've taken my painkiller.
  4. My fibre drink that trys to keep me regular after the painkiller bungs me up.
  5. My probiotic drink that the doctor advised me to have and have no idea if it works but don't want to stop taking in case it actually doing any good.

I really have no appitite to eat after all that. My results came back clear and now I have to have more tests!

I'm losing my sanity! AAAAAARGH!


DJ Kirkby said...

Hang in there honey! One more test and you should have a diagnosis at last.

Trixie said...

Geez, can't these doctors find out ANYTHING?????

Nothing worse than not knowing whats wrong.

Kahless said...

Mrs K was exactly the same. Millions of tests later they shrugged there shoulders and said a motion problem!!


Lady in red said...

so sorry they still can't give you an answer and more importantly begin to do anything for you.

hang in there


Kahless said...

Ole ole ole :-)
*live from wembley*

little wanderer said...

sorry the test have shown nothing and that more tests have to be done x

Jenna said...

Sometimes I think all these doctor visits and tests can make one feel even sicker. When I was going through all that I hated that feeling of helplessness that plagued me. Did I have the Plague NO!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

So sorry you not feeling well...I so hope they find out what is causing your problem...when is the next time youget tosee a specialist?

Hugs for you honey...don't give up hope...okay.

Ciao babes.

DJ Kirkby said...

Ok I was wrong and they want to do still more tests on you...:( least you won't have to take the tube again :) xo

nitebyrd said...

That's why doctor's PRACTICE medicine.

I am sorry you've got to go through all this.