Friday, 4 January 2008


DJ mentioned on her blog that I'm thinking of hanging up my blogging hat and this is true. It's not the posting so much because if I can't think of anything to say I can usually steal, er umm I mean borrow, something from somewhere but it's the reciprication that's the problem. At the moment I don't seem to have the time, or sometimes to be honest , the inclination to follow up on old posts or visit other blogs. This isn't good enough! People who bother to visit my blog and then go to the trouble of leaving a comment deserve better.
So, my New Year's resolution is to try harder to reply to comments and visit other blogs! I can hardly pack in if there is stuff like this to post....

..... now can I? Thanks for the kind words from the people who asked me not to quit, that was very nice!


Casdok said...

I think thats one of the beauties of the interenet, you just dont know what you are going to find, and sometimes things just jump out at you when you need them.
I saw this and thought of you

Chopski said...

C; Thanks! I put one up!!

Pixie said...

sometimes it's just hard work blogging, especially if I decide to visit everyone on my blog roll. I run out of comments before I get to the end.
and then there is thinking of witty stuff to write.
then making comments to all who make comments to me.... now remind me why exactly are any of us doing this.

Kahless said...


There are some peoples blogs I visit, always comment, who never come to mine. And I dont mind. Cos that's kind of an unwritten thing now and I am cool. If I wasnt I would stop visiting their sites.

I dont need you to comment on my blog, its cool by me. Its great when you do, but I never wonder where you are. So please do not feel a pressure to come to mine. I would rather you continue blogging.

Please tell DJ though I would be every upset if she stopped coming round to my place!!

nitebyrd said...

Good on ya, Chopski! I love that BWO, thanks casdok.

BTW, I DON'T use waxing strips on my face. They'd throw me out of the circus if I got rid of the beard! :{

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm not good at keeping up with comments in particular and visiting other blogs sometimes.

There is no way I can do either on a daily basis, especially when I write two (no three but that third one is really a fake! LOL) I try and set aside a day a week for each and what gets done does and the rest well, that's how it goes. Obvioiusly, I don't spend the whole day, just whatever time I might have and that's it.

I think the concept of a blog as a converstation is totally lost on me, but I still have regular readers. I just give them what I have to give and hope that's good enough.

I guess this all translates to it's your blog, do what you want to with it. There really are NO rules, are there? If there are, I've missed them and I'm going to continue to miss them. lol

BTW. this sign made me laugh, that odd knowing laugh.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Ahhh, you really don't want to give up! yeah, it's hard keeping up with other blogs (I've got over 100 on my bloglines) you do what you want to. I'll read even if you dont comment or read mine, cause you are great!

DJ Kirkby said...

*Tag* You're 'it'.

Chopski said...

Thanks one and all for the comments. One or two actually brought a tear to my eye or maybe that was the crocodile clip on my nipple?!
ps: DJ why???

Lena said...

Every now and again is better than nowt!