Sunday, 18 November 2007

Rats, mice and moths!!

I was laying in bed at around 2:30am and I could hear a noise! It sounded like something was scuttling up and down behind the skirting board or under the floorboards, I pretended it wasn't there and turned over to try and go back to sleep.

30 seconds later DJ says "can you hear that noise?", fuck it wasn't just me! We both lay still in the dark and listened and there was very definitely a noise. Mouse? Mice? Rat? Rats? The thought of it made my skin crawl and I wrapped myself up tighter in the duvet. Then I jumped 6 foot out of the bed, a muscle in my leg had spasmed and I thought there was something crawling on me.

DJ thought I should go and sleep somewhere else but I'm built of sterner stuff than that! I bravely climbed over her to avoid the area from where the noise was coming and headed down stairs to get....................... a cat!

Now we've spent months getting them to sleep downstairs and when I want them upstairs there they are like good little kitties fast asleep on the couch. The brown one is old, female, half feral and bitey. I don't want her but do try and encourage her upstairs as she trundles past for her food, no go! I head for the black cat as he is the friendly one and great at catching mice but he's asleep. I nudge him, nothing, so I try again and he hisses at me. Great! I try and pick him up and he wriggles away heading for the back door. Bollocks! He wont move and I have to let him out.

DJ is calling me now and don't want to go upstairs without a cat, gun or flamethrower. She has the light on and can see what is making the noise, wonderful! We have no carpet in the bedroom and there are a couple of holes in the floorboards where the radiator was moved. There was probably a great big fucking rat poking its head out of the hole looking for food.

I creep back upstairs and there it is sitting there staring at me with big staring eyes!

It wasn't a mouse!

It wasn't mice!

It wasn't a rat!

It wasn't rats!

It was a fucking moth, trapped down the side of the bedside table!


Chopski said...

It was a BIG moth!!

Lady in red said...

lol they do make a lot of noise don't they

you have really cheered me up on this miserable morning

her indoors said...

phew, wasnt going to read this post as it had a photo of a rodent! glad it turned out to be just a moth, wait just a moth!!!!
if it had have been a rodent i would have moved out post haste!

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DJ Kirkby said...

It was scary!!!! Though not sure what was noisier, you rattling round trying to lure the cats upstairs or the ratmoth!

Pixie said...

moths are pretty damn scary in my book, especialy big ones. I'd have gone downstairs to sleep with the cats after that.

Lady in red said...

my boys are as scared of moths as they are of spiders lol

Chopski said...

L in R; Didn't cheer me up, was tired all day!

H I; I can cope with moths, mice on the other hand!

C; 'Ola!

DJ; You can't be too careful!

P; We threw it in the garden from where the black cat tried to bring it back in!

L in R; I pick moths over spiders.

Kahless said...

I pick moths over spiders over snakes over rats over mice over wasps too!

I am all for hiding under the covers so actually I think you were rather brave.

Chopski said...

K; We watch I'm a celebrity and I have to look through my fingers. It's even worse when the creepy crawlies come on!

Lena said...

LOL....must have been big if you saw it's eyes! Moths give me the creeps! My cat Boaby is quite an expert at catching's when he eats them wings and all that I shudder!

Musical Midnight said...

Hi, just wandered here from DJ's blogs. I have to admit, I dislike anything that rattles around in the night myself.
I have 2 birds, and sometimes they have night-frights, which makes me panicky when they do because I always fear the cause of said night-frights is something having to do with one of those huge wood (flying!) roaches or a mouse in their cage. Ewwww!