Saturday, 10 November 2007

Post it Notes.

Pisems for Aunty Vix. (I better not get arrested for some breech of copyright law or I'll be round to see you!)

Post it Notes by Chopski.

If your written messages are
often eaten by a goat
stick them high up on the wall
with a useful post it note!

Post it notes are usually
yellow square and bright
so I'm sorry that I missed it
when I came home drunk last night!


Casdok said...

So how often are your messages eaten by a goat?

Chopski said...

C; Not once since I've started using post its!

her indoors said...

the message that you missed last night
when you came home so pissed
said 'come to bed lets have some fun, my lovely little fella
now aren't you sad you missed the chance to have some fun together

Kahless said...

You are on a roll Chopper!!
I am impressed.

Lady in red said...

at this rate you will have enough for two books by xmas

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

*chuckling like mad*

Chopski said...

H I; It said your dinner's in the cat.

K; :)

L in R; Yep my brian is full of this stuff!

Vi; Lol!

Aunty Vixs said...

Fantastic Chop! I am very impressed. I thought that one would stump you.

Chopski said...

A V; Glad you liked them.