Thursday, 15 November 2007

I've been Tagged!!

I've been tagged by The Lady in Red to do this;

8 passions in my life

Zebra crossings.
Supermarket car-parks.
Public toilets.
Personal hygiene.
Noise pollution.
Reality TV.
Ear hair.

8 things to do before I die

Eat my weight in pickled onions.
Put my elbow in my ear.
Ride through the city naked on the back of a white tiger.
Score the winner in the FA cup final.
Not cough when I smell vinegar.
Invent a program that automatically deletes these questionnaires.
Cause havoc in one of those disabled peoples electric cars.
Drive the wrong way around the M25.

8 things I often say

You're going to put that where?
No Fucking way!
YOU say it won't hurt!
How much?
Put it back!
I think you can get cream for that!

8 Books I read recently

Allegiance To The King - Neil Downe.
Twelve inch cock -Ivor Biggon.
Daddy are We There Yet? - Miles Away.
Arse! - Seymour Butt.
Not Bogged Down In Reality - Jason Rainbows.
Split Personalities - Jacqueline Hyde.
Hole in the Bed - Mister Completely.
Fixing Computer Programs - Dee Bugger.

8 songs that mean something to me

If - Telly Savalis.
Do the Funky Gibbon - The Goodies.
The Chicken Song - Spitting Image.
With My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock - George Formby.
The Fastest Milkman in the West - Benny Hill.
‘Ello John, Got a New Motor - Alexei Sayle.
It’s Raining Men - The Weather Girls.
I’m Too Sexy - Right Said Fred.

8 Qualities I look for in a friend

The ability to laugh with me, not at me you bastards.
Likes to drive and not drink.
Selection and predilection to share large quantities of fine wine!


Casdok said...

So what is it about Zebra crossings?!

DJ Kirkby said...

You deserve an award for this post! Or a publishing contract, or anything which acknowledges the skill and ingenuity it took to write something as clever as this!Yes I know I am your greatest fan but seriously...this is good!

her indoors said...

you are a bloody idiot, a great bloody idoit though!

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

*giggling out of control*

Lady in red said...

very funny roflmao

do I qualify to be your friend?
generous to a fault
been insane for years they won't let me out
love to laugh
love to drive dont often drink
I have a set of clippers grades 1 to 8
I would share the wine if I had any
not sure I undrstand the last one though therefore don't know if I have it

Pixie said...

Really concerned about the quality 'haircuts' in a friend, do they have to have them to be mates with you, or not? What happens if they don't qualify with the right length haircut.


Chopski said...

C; Zebra Crossings! I posted about them here
in a nutshell it's because people don't stop their cars for people crossing!!

DJ; I think I deserve lots of things and never get them! Where did you put wednesdays lottery ticket?

H I; Mmmmmmmmm, not the first time I've been called an idiot and probably not the last!

Vi; You are laughing at my hopes and asperations!!

L in R; You don't understand the last one but you understand the rest of it?! I think you might qualify.

P; Haircuts are very important or we might end up back with barberarianism!!

Kahless said...

I knew you had a passion for personal hygiene from your previous post!

I love the funky gibbon too... maybe we should wave our arms round like chickens together!

ps. Chopski, you are the only football blogger that visits my site. I have posted on Random a rant aout Steve McClaren. I would be pleased if you popped by. Is that sad to ask???????

Kahless said...

Second thoughts, I have scrapped the post!