Thursday, 18 October 2007

'Stinking' Cold!!

Feeling sorry for myself! I've got a stinking cold and my throat hurts and if I'm not coughing up junk it's pouring from my nose. It must be flu jab time as I always get a cold when I'm supposed to queue up with all the ill people to be injected with the virus I'm trying to avoid!?

But! No matter how blocked my nose is I can still smell the awful stench that is permeating its way around our house. We've just managed to get rid of the stink of fish which we blamed on the neighbours but happened to be a light fitting at the top of the stairs! The previous owners of the house had used the wrong size fitting plastic part at the end of the light flex and subsequently when the light went on the bulb heated up the plastic and the smell of fish wafted around the house.

Now we have the stench of rotting cabbage not dis-similar to the smell when black cat brought a mouse into the house and it died behind the fridge. I can't find where the fuck its coming from! Arrggh! The phone guy is coming round sometime this morning between 8 and 12 so I'm stuck indoors. He's going to think I'm crazy sat in the rotting stench house with all the windows open wearing my coat and hat.

Where did I put the Valium?


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Burning plastic smells of fish? Dad mice smell of cabbage?

Yep, I think your nose is out of sorts!

Chopski said...

Vi; DJ will back me up on this. The mouse smelt of rotten cabbage and the light smelt like fish. Honest!!

DJ Kirkby said...

Yep they really did smell like that, we have a wierd house! But it isn't anywhere near as stinky this time, dunno what is up with your nose Chops, you shouldn't be able to smell anything at the moment!

her indoors said...

i just getting over my cold two weeks down the line! still coughing though.
smelly fish and rotting cabbage sounds like i been cooking over at yours lol
hope you get rid of the snots soon

Casdok said...

Apprently curry is good for colds, and will drown out other smells!!!

rain said...

Eeewww. I get obsessed when there is a smell in the house. And the fact that I get the occasional olfactory hallucination pre-migraine doesn't help.

Chopski said...

HI; Fish and cabbage is your speciality?

C; Good idea I love curry, DJ can't eat it though!!

R; We certainly get some odd smells in this house. Thanks for the visit.

Kahless said...

I think I just caught your cold!

DJ Kirkby said...

Ahem...your cold is improving, the house smell is mysteriously gone and I think it is high time you wrote another post! You only have 2 blogs in which you post about twice a week in one and once a week in the other...I have 3 blogs; 2 which get weekly posts but in the other one post 4 times a week! The least you could do would be to entertain me (and your other devoted readers) with more frequent hilarity! Nag over... Love you xxoxox

Queen Vixen said...

Get the joss sticks a burning Chopsk. I know its just a cover up for the feet - but I shall humour you none the less ;o)

PS Bummer about the cold - I had a stinker and its lingering. I thought only the over 70's had the flu jab.

Lady in red said...

my ex has the flu jab because he is diabetic.

did the phone guy turn up and did he think you were crazy?
perhaps he has a cold too and couldnt smell the cabbage

Waynecoff said...

tell him the smell is your gran under the floor boards, but no-one knows, then wink, and say, I hope you do a good job, wouldn't want anything to happend to you,

Pixie said...

I'm with dj here... write more!
hope you're feeling better.
I have a fish smelling light bulb too!

Chopski said...

K; Like I told Vi, it's probably a computer virus!

DJ; I must try harder!

QV; Thanks for humouring me and I'll probably be seventy by the time I have my next flu jab as the doctors isn't very accomodating!

L in R; He didn't come in the house as someone had vandalised the 'exchange up the road' and he repaired it from there.

W; Hi, Nice idea but I didn't get the oppourtunity. Please see above!

P; You need to get it checked as we were advised that many electrical faults smell of fish!!

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