Saturday, 11 August 2007

Zebra Crossings!!

A zebra crossing is a type of pedestrian crossing used in many places around the world. The crossing is characterised by longitudinal stripes (hence the term, named after the zebra) on the road, parallel to the flow of the traffic, alternately a light colour (usually white) and a dark one (painted black, or left unpainted if road surface itself is of a dark colour). The stripes are typically 40 to 60 centimetres (16 inches to 2 feet) wide. Pedestrians always have right of way on a zebra crossing.

I was going to have a rant about drivers and their attitude to the good old Zebra Crossing. We have one close by and when you step out on it you take your life in you own hands, no fucker stops! Pedestrians always have right of way on a zebra crossing.

But I shan't!

Today I got my name in print! Well not my name, Ivana Chopski, but hey it was close! The book plopped on the doormat this morning and there was my story nestled in amongst nineteen others on page 117. The postman must think I'm some kind of pervert, but it was a tongue in cheek (I can't do serious) tale about a woman getting a spanking for her fortieth birthday!

It wasn't Peoples Friend but I can live in hope!

PS; Pedestrians always have right of way on a zebra crossing.


DJ Kirkby said...

You are right that zebra crossing is potenitaly lethal. I mean if they can't see all 6f3 of you, how are they ever going to see a child?! Congrats on getting published, I am very proud of you!

Pixie said...

Well done you, how exciting is that! Thanks for the public health announcemet as well. Perhaps you could put these in every post inthe future, just so we know!!!!

Delboy's Daughter said...

I wonder who has the right of way at a zebra crossing.

Chopski said...

DJ; I think they speed up when they see me for some reason?!

P; Thanks and I'm happy to do my bit for the community.

DD;That would be PEDESTRIANS!!

Kahless said...

Delboy's daughter, Chopski obviously hasn't read his highway code properly. Pedestrians have right of way UNLESS the car is a SUV, then they rule the road.

Congratulations Chopski on being published.

I think you should hop over to DJ's blog or mine and allow one of us to interview Ivana in the latest meme.

her indoors said...

welcome back!
congrats on the publishing, so glad i can still buy my old aunt the people's friend without the fear of her getting embarassed LOL.
and poor woman having to wait till she was 40!

Chopski said...

K; You can interview Ivana if you like, email the questions to DJ, but what the hell's a meme?

HI; Back to painting tomorrow, off for good behaviour! You never know your old aunt may have enjoyed it!!?

JD said...

That is very exciting news. What's the book called and where can I get hold of a copy. My personal library is conspicuously short of stories about spanking, a fact which has caused me some embarressment. Thank goodness I now have the chance to rectify it.

And by the way it should read: Pedestrians always have the right of way on a zebra crossing except in France.

Chopski said...

JD; No books about spanking, how do you live with yourself? Funnily enough the book is called 'Spank Me' and can be found at;
Also, in my experience the French don't stop at red lights so a Zebra Crossing is hardly going to bother them!!

Queen Vixen said...

No fucker stops! tis true. Teetering on the edge of a zebra is only for the brave or suicidal old gals in head scarves.

Lady in red said...

we seem to have a glut of pelican crossings these days and they still dont stop.

its a pity your book wasnt published before my first spanking 12 days ago and I had to wait until I was 45 I have written my storybut it isnt long nough to be a book.


jAMiE said...

Congrats on your publishment (is that a word?)...and i shall try to remember that about zebra crossings...thanks for the heads up!

Chopski said...

QV; Nice to see you back from your hols. I think I'm going to start a Zebra Crossing campaign, need a super hero though......... how about Lollypopman?!!

L in R; Bastards! It wasn't a whole book, just a short story and I'm sure not as entertaining as your experience!

J; Publishment sounds like it should be a word even if it isn't and thanks! Just remember: left, right and left again!