Wednesday, 23 May 2007


I've been tagged! I had no idea what the hell that meant and was to tell the truth a bit worried. Worried that I might not be able to leave the house because of an electronic device secured to my ankle or because some bastard had painted some undecipherable text on the side of my house/car/bike/tortoise...! Luckily neither of the above but something equally tedious; eight things about me that no-one knows. If no-one knows about these eight things perhaps there is a reason for it? Anyway I'm going to fill my boots, here goes;

  1. I have an irrational fear of cotton wool! (Please people NEVER, EVER, put it in your mouth!)
  2. The sound setting on my car stereo has to be set on an even number!
  3. I wrote an erotic short story calling myself Ivana, for a woman's publication!
  4. We have a train line which runs along the end of our garden and when the kids are home we play; guess the colour of the train that's coming. I secretly play it when I'm home alone!
  5. On the train line theme, I told our youngest that when the ice cream man played his tune that meant a train was coming. Luckily it often does!
  6. I wouldn't go on the 'no way out' ride at Thorpe Park not because the queue was too long as I told the boys but because it was too dark and freaked me out!
  7. It's the 33rd or 34th anniversary of losing my mum to cancer at the end of this month, might even be today! I feel pretty shitty that I don't know for sure when it is as it would be nice to do something in her memory. Last year my girlfriend ran the race for life in her memory, that was very special! I think about her a lot and seem to miss her more as I get older, maybe something about the boys not having a relationship with their grandmother like the one I cherished with mine!
  8. I cried when I wrote number 7!

Now I guess I have to find some people to tag!


Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaah number 7 made me cry and so did number 8. You are so so special, tender and sweet.
Your loving Mom-in-law

Lady in red said...

some of those trains probably go past the end of my mum's garden she is also a very special lady and helped me through my cancer