Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Tuesday (on Wednesday)

A day late again!! Had the boys over last night and the computer is like a magnet to my eldest so getting on here just wouldn't be worth the hassle! I've been estranged from their mother for four and a half years, divorced for three and a half, so why the fuck doesn't she leave me alone. She has some sort of compulsion to text me to ask questions that the boys, sat in the next room, could answer and probably have! She sent me a letter recently highlighting all my inadequacies and asked, no, told me, not to share it with the boys. Stupid bitch left it on the desktop on her laptop and one of them read it! He told me but doesn't want her to know! Lol! I'm going to save her for another day because thinking about her is making me depressed!!

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Lady in red said...

for ages there were 5 of us trying to use one computer so by the time I got on here (they have to do homework which involves msn and myspace) it was gone midnight. But now I am working again I now have two computers on the net which makes it easier.

my ex thinks he has to speak to me regularly and often asks questions he should be asking the boys not me. often I ask what he wants before I accept the phone.