Sunday, 29 April 2007


Got well behind now on my blog as it's Sunday now! Went to the barber this week and got a haircut, I used to do it myself but my significant other thinks when I shave my head I look like a thug and scare young children. I love her, so now I get it 'styled'. £7.50 to sit in the chair for five minutes! I wouldn't mind so much because it does look better and there isn't much chance of walking around for a week with people pointing and laughing at a large clump of hair on the back of my head which I missed! But, why is there always a fucking BUT? The but is the inane chat from the hairdresser, she seems like a nice lady and has been cutting my hair fairly regularly for the past 2 years so surely must recognise me. Therefore if she recognises me she must have some form of hairdresser tourettes syndrome which causes her, as soon as I sit in that damn chair, to ask me if I've booked a holiday yet! Why? Are all hairdressers the same? Do they have shares in travel agencies and as soon as you are in that chair wrapped tightly in that plastic sheet they play you until agree to take a time share in Tenerife? I always deflect her with the fact that I cant afford it, this has a duel effect of her not pursuing the holiday line and, she doesn't seem put out when I don't tip her! Maybe next time I'll tell her I'm thinking about going away and see what happens!?

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Lady in red said...

my hairdresser asks me about my latest conquests unless of course my mother is also having her hair done at the same time